Welcome to Friohana Shave ice! We’re passionate about creating the best Hawaiian style shave ice. Hawaiian shave ice is different from your standard snowballs, snow cones or raspas. It is thinner, fluffier and similar to cotton candy.

A popular question we always get asked is why we misspell shaved ice. It is because Hawaii has its own unique culture and style that can only be seen at the heart of the Island. Hawaiians have their own version of English, “Hawaiian Pidgin”. It has been developed over time as a form to communicate between English speaking residents and non-English speaking immigrants in Hawaii. To stay true to our favorite Hawaiian snack we decided to respect the authenticity in our name by dropping the “D” in shaved ice.

What makes Friohana so special? SUPERIOR QUALITY! All of our syrups are handmade. WE ONLY USE PURE CANE SUGAR AND PUIRIFED WATER FOR OUR SYRUPS. We use our own recipes and blends utilizing purees, fruit juices, extracts, and/or concentrates. Friohana is famous for using real fruit in our natural flavors. The fruit is blended into a fine purée which is poured over our superior ice.  We swear it tastes like you are biting into a real piece of fruit. Our popular flavors are the natural Mango, Strawberry, and Pineapple.

Service is our priority! Friohana is highly rated on Yelp. We love our customers and would not be number one if it wasn’t for them. Every customer is treated like a member of our family. It is true Texas southern hospitality. We take tremendous pride in our shave ice and will never compromise the softness of our product for speed. We vow to make EVERY shave ice our BEST shave ice.

Come on by and try our product it’s the perfect treat for that hot Texas summer heat. Be sure to try it in our Hawaiian cups to get the true aloha experience.



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