We put the FUN in fundraising no matter what age range you are be sure to book Friohana for your next event please reach us at 713.568.7991 or contact us at Friohana@gmail.com

We will gladly cater any school event such as; Fairs, Band meetings, Football games, Soccer games, Baseball games, Basketball games, Easter events, University Groups and more!

How would you like to make your school event or church event more entertaining and memorable? We offer all the fun with none of the work for your fundraising events. While other caterers offer a serve yourself method, we take care of all the work from pouring the syrup and custom size adjustments for every one of your guests no matter how old they are they will be sure to have a great time. Friohana is now proud to offer ice cream aboard our newest truck!

If you are a non-profit organization such as a school or church we come to your place ofbusiness at no charge as long as your organization guarantees a minimum attendance of 250+ people at your event, we can stay for the entire duration of the event. We keep tally of how much product was sold and donate a pre-determined % back to your organization! it’s a fun and easy way to raise additional funds!