It all started with a simple idea. fresh fruit,good recipes, traditional flavors, and the softest ice. Next thing we know people really loved us!

_DSC2406 (3)

We needed something better, so we went on craigslist and bought a trailer. The trailer helped a lot and sure enough Friohana was born…


then we decided to expand and grow the business, so we bought a truck!

Texas Blizzard-8456

Our first event, no trailer no frills just us


We made some great friends along the way


who knows what will happen next, all we know is we really love Houston and all our fans! Oh yea and this is us

  • DSC_7562

    Victor Fernandez: The Enforcer

  • DSC_7472

    Richard Fernandez: The Adopted Hawaiian

  • 47376_377006235712047_2013227523_n

    Gita “Pita” Patil : The Better Looking One

  • Texas Blizzard Final Logo Detailed Mascot-01

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